Louisville vs New Mexico NCAA Tournament Second Round Radio Broadcast Live Online

March 18, 2012

The final game of the day on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 will be Louisville vs New Mexico.  The winner of this #4 vs #5 matchup will head to the Sweet Sixteen.  For those who do not get TBS it might be the case that they look for the Louisville vs New Mexico NCAA Tournament Second Round radio broadcast live online.  There are plenty of opportunities to listen to college basketball radio broadcasts and I will update this particular page: College Basketball Radio Broadcast Online.

Over the next hour millions of diehard fans will look for ways to watch or listen to this game online.  Rather than assuming that CBSSports.com is the only option it might be a smart decision to check all resources.  CBS Sports is charging $3.99 this year but the fee will allow individuals the chance to stream the game from an iPod, iPad or iPhone as well as Android smartphones or tablets.  For those not willing to pay it might be smart to check out the options from Justin.tv or UStream.  Here are some radio broadcasts that should help:

Big Cat 105.5
Froggy 104.9

As we get closer to the 9:40 tip more and more fans will look for anything available.  It might be wise to simply use the old school method of bringing out the AM/FM Radio.

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